The Hand Of God

Our first published book is called ‘THE HAND OF GODBook Cover of 'THE HAND OF GOD - The Extraordinary Life of Vincent Fuller' – The Extraordinary Life of Vincent Fuller’ written by Christopher Charles about an Englishman with astonishing powers. This book primarily focuses on psychic surgery and explains in great detail what exactly occurs when a genuine healer places their hands over someone for spiritual healing.

The enigma of this practice is transformed into an easy to understand, step-by-step process, spotlighting on how those living in other dimensions of time and space, who are eminently trained as doctors and surgeons, are able to embrace a gifted psychic living in the physical (only with their consent), as a channel to practice highly advanced energetic medicine.

The book climaxes with a Q&A final chapter that is a channelling of an intelligence that calls itself Our Creator, the force behind all creation on Earth. Magazine editor, Victor Olliver, wrote a feature about THE HAND OF GOD for the Astrological Journal. He says, “At the back of the book is the piece de resistance: interviews with God… I found myself astonished.”